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ABS Pipes, Valves and ABS Pipe Fittings

Acrylonitrile - Butadiene - Styrene (ABS) is a rigid pressure piping system renowned for its high impact strength and durability which combine to give exceptional toughness.

It is suitable for use over a wide temperature range from -40ºC to 80ºC at pressures up to 15 bar. ABS is especially useful at sub zero temperatures, where it retains high levels of impact strength.

ABS piping is resistant to a wide range of abrasive slurries which can damage steel or other pipe materials. It is non-toxic and taint free, and is in widespread use for food products, soft drinks and high purity water.

ABS pipe systems are lightweight, rigid, and easy to install. Joints are made using solvent cement, which requires no special tools.

ABS Pipes and fittings - Inch Dimensions
• Manufactured to BS standards
• Diameters 3/8" to 12 "

ABS Pipes and fittings - MM Dimensions
• Manufactured to DIN standards
• Diameters from 16mm to 315mm

ABS Valves
• Ball valves (manual and automatic)
• Three way ball valves (manual and automatic)
• Diaphragm valves (manual and automatic)
• Butterfly valves (manual and automatic)
• Check and air release valves
• Pressure relief valves


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