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double containment piping systemsdouble containment piping systemsdouble containment piping systemsdouble containment piping systemsdouble containment
double containment piping systems

Double Containment Pipes & Piping Systems

Environmental issues place increasing responsibility on engineers to ensure that hazardous products are handled safely. Closer focus on health and safety at work issues has also meant that companies have greater responsibilities to maintain a secure environment for employees.

Double containment piping is by no means a new concept to process piping applications. Systems using a carier pipe with secondary containment have been installed using metal pipes for many years.

DuoSafe PVC-U and DuoSafe HT PVC-C double containment systems are designed for ease of installation. DuoSafe FLEX is manufactured for dosing applications.

Poly-Flo is a unique system using specially extruded twin-wall pipes and injection moulded twin-wall fittings.

AGRU-SAFE double containment is a fabricated system produced in a wide range of sizes and in a variety of material combinations.

Durapipe P-LX Fuel systems are designed to safely convay petrol, diesel and fuel oil in below ground applications.

AGRU-SAFE Sure Grip Sheet can now be used to form single or double wall liners for concrete structures.

EnviroKing® UV resistant clear PVCU piping. Suitable for use with photobioreactors and other green energy applications. Ideal for sightglasses.

PVC-U and PVC-C DuoSafe Double Containment Piping
• Solvent welded system
• Diameters from 1/2" x 2" to 4" x 8" (larger on request)
• Containment pipe can be clear

DuoSafe FLEX Double Containment Piping
• Designed for chemical dosing
• Diameters from 6mm to 38mm
• Twin-walled flexible pipe

Poly-Flo Double Containment Piping
• Pipe and fittings in Polyethylene, Polypropylene and PVDF
• Diameters from 1" x 2" to 4" x 6 "
• Butt welded system

Agrusafe Double Containment Piping
• Pipes and fittings in Polyethylene, Polypropylene and PVDF
• Diameters from 32mm x 90mm to 250mm x 355mm

Agrusafe "Sure Grip" Concrete Protective Linings
• Single and double skin sheets
• Manufactured from Polyethylene, Polypropylene, PVDF and ECTFE

Durapipe P-LX Fuel Systems Piping
• Co-extruded pipes: polyamid liner with high strength polyethylene outer
• Available single or double contained
• Electrofusion fittings
• Standard diameters from 32mm to 110mm
• Special diameters up to 315mm

EnviroKing UV Resistant Clear PVCU Piping
• Diameters from 1/2" to 6"
• Solvent welded system
• Compatible with standard PVCU fittings


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