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Supports & Fixings for Plastic Pipe and Piping Systems

Thermoplastic piping systems are often installed in corrosive environments, particularly in chemical and process applications. In these situations, traditional metalic supports will suffer excessive degradation unless they are manufactured from expensive stainless steel. A more cost effective chioce is to use non-metallic fixings from the ranges featured here.

Clic pipe clamps are designed for fixing a wide rage of piping materials and cables, and they can be used on almost any diameter from 8mm to 127mm. Manufactured in nylon (Polyamide PA12), they are safe for use at temperatures from -40ºC to +80ºC.

The Clic range also includes a wide range of fixings, mountings and spacers to make the most complicated installation simple.

Plastic Pipe and Cable Clamps
• Clips and clamps for pipes, conduits and cables
• Diameters from 8mm to 400mm


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