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piping installation tools

Pipe Tools & Equipment for Plastic Pipe Installation

Site installation of thermoplastic pipework is straightforward and can usually be completed in a fraction of the time taken to install metallic systems.

PVC-U, PVC-C and ABS pipe systems can all be joined together using a cold solvent welded method which requires no specialised equipment. Polypropylene, Polyethylene and PVDF pipes are resistant to most organic solvents, however, and require heat to weld the materials.

Regardless of the choice of material, installation time and efficiency is greatly improved by using the correct tool for the job. In this section we include tools for cutting, chamfering and joining plastic pipes from the extensive Reed Tools range.

Also included is a section from the WIDOS range of socket fusion and butt fusion welding machines, and from the GAWAPLAST range of butt fusion welding machines. This equipment is available both for sale and hire.

For jointing High Purity PVDF pipework, AGRU offer a range of technically advanced welding equipment designed to ensure cleanliness and consistency.

Detailed installation instructions for all piping systems are freely available on request. Where required, we are delighted to provide training, either on or off site.

Pipefitters Tools and Vises
• Saws, shears and cutters
• Deburring tools and bevellers
• Wrenches
• Tristands and vises

Plastic Welding Equipment
• Socket fusion tools for diameters from 16mm to 160mm
• Butt fusion tools for diameters from 50mm to 630mm
• IR fusion tools for diameters from 20mm to 250mm
• HPF electrofusion tools for diameters from 20mm to 63mm

• Certified welder training courses available


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