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polypropylene piping systemspolypropylene piping systemspolypropylene piping systemspolypropylene piping systemspolypropylene piping systems
polypropylene piping systems

Polypropylene Pipes, PP Pipe, Valves, Polypropylene Fittings

Polypropylene (PP) piping systems by AGRU are widely used in industrial processing. Light in weight yet with high impact strength and reliable heat fusion welding, PP also offers good abrasion resistance and is a good thermal and electrical insulator.

PP is suitable for working use at temperatures up to 90ºC, and withstand short term use at a maximum 110ºC.

Chemical resistance is excellent: PP is resistant to aqueous solutions of acids, alkalis and salts, and to a large number of organic solvents.

AGRU PP systems are assembled using heat fusion welding, using socket ended fittings, butt fusion of pipes and/or fittings end to end, and electrofusion fittings. Welding equipment is available for sale or hire.

Polypropylene Pipes and Fittings - MM Dimensions
• Manufactured to DIN standards
• Diameters from 12mm to 1400mm
• Available in PP-H (homo-polymer), PP-R (co-polymer) and natural grades
• Fittings in socket fusion, butt fusion and IR fusion welding

PP/Polypropylene Valves
• Ball valves (manual and automatic)
• Three way valves
• Butterfly valves (manual and automatic)
• Diaphragm valves (manual and automatic)
• Globe valves
• Check, aerating and foot valves
• Pressure relief valves
• Pressure reducing valves

Other PP/Polypropylene Products
• Gauge guards
• Variable area flowmeters
• Filters and strainers
• Pipe design software
• Welding equipment


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