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Piping Systems, Pipe Products & Pipe Types

IPS Flow Systems provides a wide range of piping systems, pipe products, installation tools and ancillary equipment. Each year we publish a full colour handbook, fully priced, showing our piping systems as well as providing valuable information to designers and installers. By selecting the links below you will be able to view our pipe types with a summary of our range in each material, as well as downloading all or selected parts from our handbook.

pvcu piping systems
pvc-c piping systems

Unplasticised Polyvinyl Cloride (PVC-U) is the most widely used for pipe installations. It is now more...

Chlorinated Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC-C) is a modified PVC with additional high temperature more...
abs piping systems
polypropylene piping systems
Acrylonitrile - Butadiene - Styrene (ABS) is a rigid pressure piping system renowned for its high more...
Polypropylene (PP) piping systems are widely used in industrial processing. Light in more...
polyethylene piping systems
pvdf piping systems
Polyethylene is now in widespread use for industrial pipework systems, as well as for more...
Polyvinylidene Flouride (PVDF) is a unique thermoplastic with properties which allow is to be more...
high purity piping systems
compressed air piping systems
high purity systems
High Purity thermoplastic piping systems have evolved to satisfy the stringent demands of the more...
compressed air piping
Corrosion and scaling are a common problems with traditional compressed air piping systems more...
enviro products
high performance tubng and fittings
double containment systems
Environmental issues place increaing responsibility on engineers to ensure that hazardous more...
High Performance Tubing and Fittings
Bringing together products from world class manufacturers Serto and Saint Gobain, we are able to offer a comprehensive more...
flowmeters & pumps
fixings and supports
flowmeters & pumps
Increasing levels of automation in process systems inevitably measure and subsequently more...
fixings and supports
Thermoplastic piping systems are often installed in corrosive applications, particularly in chemical more...
tools and installation equipment
sheet and rod
tools and installation equipment
Site installation of thermoplastic pipework is straightforward and can usually be completed in a more...
sheet and rod
Using heat forming, bending and welding techniques, plastic sheet materials can be used to construct more...
fire sprinkler systems
blazemaster piping systems
CPVC is an engineered thermoplastic piping material that has been used successfully for more...
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Handbook 16
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