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PFA Tubing

PFA is an outstanding fluoroplastic with the best temperature stability of all meltable fluoroplastics. Our PFA tubing is distinguished by its excellent chemical and physical properties largely identical with those of PTFE. The essential differences in comparison with PTFE. The essential differences in comparison with PTFE are low cold flow, improved mechanical properties, reduced permeation and improved light transmittance. Welding is possible as with all melt processable fluoroplastics, because PFA enters the phase of liquefaction at approximately 310ºC. Using suitable colouring agents, our PFA tubes can be supplied in various colours and with fillers on request.

Our PFA tubes are exclusively produced on basis of excellent raw material from well known manufacturers like Dupont, Dyneon or Daikin. We also deliver HP (high purity) and antistatic tubes in addition to tubes made of all "common" PFA-Types.

PFA Tubing Product Facts & Data at a Glance
• Temperature Stability from -70ºC to +260ºC
• Excellent Resistance to Pressure
• Large Factory Lengths Possible
• Very Narrow Tolerances on Request
• Also Available in Cut-to-Length Sections
• Customized Sizes - Tooling Costs Not Charged in Most Cases