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cpv-c piping systemscpv-c piping systemscpv-c piping systemscpv-c piping systemscpv-c piping systemspvc-c piping systems
pvc-c piping systems from ips

PVC-C Pipes, Valves and PVC-C Pipe Fittings

Cholorinated Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC-C) is a modified PVC with additional high temperature strength. It has been developed to handle hot, corrosive liquids at working temperatures up to 100ºC, whilst offering the ease of installation of cold solvent welded jointing.

PVC-C is inert to many mineral acids, bases, salts, paraffinic hydrocarbons, halogens and alcohols. It will not support combustion and is rated as self extinguishing. The low thermal conductivity of the material reduces moisture condensation on water lines, and will maintain the temperature of fluids with minimal insulation.

With a similar working temperature range to polypropylene, PVC-C has greater rigidity and lower thermal expansion, making it particularly suitable for above ground process pipework.

PVC-C pressure pipe and duct meet FM 4910 cleanroom materials flammability test protocol.

PVC-C Pipes and fittings - Inch Dimensions
• Manufactured to ASTM standards
• Diameters 1/4" to 18"

PVC-C Valves
• Ball valves (manual and automatic)
• Three way ball valves (manual and automatic)
• Butterfly valves (manual and automatic)
• Diaphragm valves (manual and automatic)
• Check and foot valves
• Y-Pattern valves
• Globe valves
• Needle valves
• Lab valves
• Gate valves

Other pvc-c products
• Duct systems
• Filters and strainers
• Piping design software
• Solvent cements and primers


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