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pvc-u piping systemspvc-u piping systemspvc-u piping systemspvc-u piping systemspvc-u piping systemspvc-u piping systems
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PVC-U Pipes, Valves and PVC-U Pipe Fittings

Unplasticised Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC-U) is the most widely used of all plastics used for pipe installations. It is rigid, versatile, and is suitable for both above or below ground installations.

It has excellent chemical resistance which, when combined with smoothness of bore, eliminates build up of scale and gives good flow characteristics. It is odourless and tasteless, and is suitable for conveying potable water and many food or dairy products.

PVC-U is suitable for use at temeratures from 0ºC to 60ºC at a wide range of operating pressures, depending upon the system chosen. It is lightweight and easy to install, using cold solvent welded joints which require no special tools.

PVC-U Pipes and fittings - Inch Dimensions
• Manufactured to BS and ASTM standards
• Diameters 1/8" to 24"
• Available in grey, white or clear (transparent)

PVC-U Pipes and fittings - MM Dimensions
• Manufactured to DIN and EN standards
• Diameters from 10mm to 400mm

FlexFit pipes and fittings - Inch and MM Dimensions
• Diameters up to 2"/63mm

PVC-U Valves
• Ball valves (manual and automatic)
• Three way ball valves (manual and automatic)
• Butterfly valves (manual and automatic)
• Gate valves
• Diaphragm valves (manual and automatic)
• Globe valves
• Y-Pattern valves
• Needle valves
• Lab valves
• Check, aerating and foot valves
• Pressure relief valves
• Pressure reducing valves

Other pvc-u products
• Gauge guards
• Variable area flowmeters
• Filters and strainers
• Piping design software
• Solvent cements and primers


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