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Monthly Archives: January 2021

Welcome to the IPS Flow Systems blog. From here you can get the latest news and updates about our company and its product range.
  1. Going Swimmingly - SYLMASTA

      The swimming pool filtration system repair which helped to keep a Welsh leisure centre’s head above water When a section of plastic PVC pipe which formed part of the swimming pool filtration system in a Welsh leisure centre developed a 50mm crack, a repair looked impossible until Sylmasta swam to the rescue.   The section of pipework in question had for many years been resting on a steel bracket. Over time, this had caused the PVC to weaken and sag, which ultimately is what led to the crack developing.
  2. AGRU Plastic technology GmbH - HYDROCLICK system

    AGRU HYDROCLICK LINING FOR POTABLE WATER TANKS Renovation of drinking water tanks  In the Salzburg municipality of Zell am See, the aging elevated drinking water tanks have been renovated. Liot Kunststofftechnik GmbH, a company specialized in the rehabilitation of drinking water tanks, uses the drinking water lining system HYDROCLICK produced by AGRU Kunststofftechnik for this purpose. Liot Kunststofftechnik have already successfully renovated several drinking water tanks in Zell am See in recent years. A total of 640 m² of HYDROCLICK sheets were expertly installed for the two chambers of an elevated tank. With this lining system, a lining made of PE80, tested for leak tightness, is installed in the existing water chamber.
  3. RacMet - Product Line Placer

      The free Raccorderie Metalliche Product Line Placer App for Revit makes it easy to design piping systems with accurate and localized Raccorderie Metalliche content. Just click, draw, and the right fittings are automatically added to your piping system. In addition, if you want to make advanced connections with real-world fittings rather than using Revit’s custom fittings, it takes only a few clicks. Use the in-app predefined schedules and order your items directly from the material lists with a guaranteed up-to-date content. Benefits  Design piping systems fast and easy Configure and place Raccorderie Metalliche specific pipes, valves and fittings in your Revit project, 100% usable and ready to order.
  4. Repairing the unrepairable - SYLMASTA

    – Sylmasta devise a live leak repair method for a burst underground water main which had been leaking for 15 years For 15 years, no contractor, maintenance company or water board had been able to find a repair method for a burst 400mm carbon steel underground water main. That was until Sylmasta devised a successful live leak repair method which was effective inside an hour. The large split across the diameter of the 400mm underground carbon steel water main had been considered unrepairable for 15 years for several reasons. The normal method for fixing a p
  5. VIP Seal Couplings

    This week we have had in house training via ZOOM with our friends at VIP Polymers on their VIPseal Products All of our internal and external sales enjoyed online training from Commercial Director John Crean  VIP Polymers are leading providers of high performance rubber mouldings and extrusion products to the water, utilities and infrastructure market. Since 1923, VIP Polymers have been at the forefront of polymer engineering and are now recognised as one of the leading Global providers of sealing solutions for a number of applications: Pipelines for the transportation of
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      When contractors carrying out upgrades at a Wastewater Treatment Workscut through a pressurised 450mm steel contaminated water pipe, a rapid liveleak repair was required to prevent an environmental catastrophe.   Defect The contractors mistakenly cut into the pipe