Dave Whalley

Dave Whalley

KESSEL National Product Manager (UK & Ireland)


My role is predominantly to develop sales and project-based specification of all KESSEL products.  Focusing on Backwater Protection, Pump Stations, and Grease/Oil separators, our goal is to provide innovative, reliable cost-effective waste water management solutions to the construction industry and utility sector. Delivered with an emphasis on the provision of design guidance, training on Installation, repair and maintenance, reliable supply, and continuous technical support for a broad customer base.

Industry Experience

During my 24 years of Construction Industry experience, as a Design Engineer, and Bid Manager, in Business Development, Specification Sales, and Product Management, I’ve always been involved in building drainage, be it Storm Water or Waste Water, Residential or Commercial, Syphonic or Channel Drainage.

For the last 11 years I managed the full range of waste water management products from KESSEL AG throughout the UK and Ireland, working with architects, consultants, contractors, and engineers, on system design, product selection, and installation guidance on projects large and small.

Specialisms / Work Interests

My specialist area is that of waste water management and systems, specifically backwater protection, pumps and separators.

As a design engineer, and qualified teacher, managing the KESSEL range of products allows me to marry the two, through providing webinars and CPDs, considered product selection, and working with our customers to provide solutions form design stage to handover.

Work Based Superpower

Being referred to by some as Mr KESSEL.

Having been immersed in the KESSEL product for so long including product development, I even surprise myself sometime!

Outside Of Work

Outside of work, I have seven dogs (yes 7) so they keep me busy. We have worked in animal rescue for many years both in the UK and abroad, and some you just can’t say good bye to.

When I’m not out with the pack, or fixing things around the house (and my mums), I love the mountains (The Lakes and Scotland), and try to get my boots on as often as I can, sometimes with a 4-legged friend.

I love my music, always have, with an eclectic taste, but to list a few favorites they would be James, The Stone Roses, Foo Fighters, Green Day, Blink 182, Sum41 you get the picture…the list goes on.

Finally, I have a strong interest in Digital assets, Fintech and Web 3.0 (The internet of value), CDBC’s, NFTs and Blockchain technology, I know, who’d of thought it!