Get Rid Of The Pit - with KESSEL



“Get Rid of The Pit” with Professional floor integrated Pump Solutions from KESSEL AG & IPS Flow Systems.

Using a non-factory built concrete or brick pit, as part of a waste water pump station, can lead to odour release, vibration and noise, and in time, moisture damage, not to mention making them difficult to maintain.

The Aqualift F Basic, Minilift S, Aqualift S Compact, and Aqualift F Compact, provide a modern, closed cover, water tight complete system.

Through design development, testing, and manufacturing to BSEN 12050-2, by KESSEL AG, these professional solutions make “The Pit” issues history.

For use in basements, cellars, extensions, tanking systems and light wells, these KESSEL products, can take waste water with or without sewerage, and can be a system used on a daily basis, or as part of a flood protection scheme.

Make it right., make it KESSEL!

For further information, contact: IPS Flow Systems, Dave Whalley, Barry Marshall, or Alan Sowerby (UK & Ireland), on +44 (0)191 521 3111 or