Grease Separators from KESSEL


In many commercial and industrial operations such as restaurants, hotels, motorway service areas, butchers or other food-processing plants, greases and oils get into the wastewater. This wastewater has quite a way to travel before it reaches the next sewage plant.

A great deal of grease and food residue can become deposited in the drainage system along the way, leading to pipe blockages, corrosion and odour formation as well as problems with the operation of sewage plants and lifting stations. For this reason, legislation requires plants which produce greasy wastewater to install grease separators according to EN 1825!

The whole KESSEL range of polyethylene grease separators fulfils all the legal requirements for various installation situations. 


The EasyClean free grease separators bring ease of installation, cleaning performance and energy efficiency up to a new level. The curved shape of the tank allows integration of the complete technology - the refill inlet, for example - within the standing area of the grease separator. It can also be set up directly at the wall, saving a great deal of space. Typically for KESSEL, EasyClean free grease traps can be retrofitted even while installed, and can thus be adapted to changing requirements. The following versions are available:


Grease Separator EasyClean free Standard   click             Grease Separator EasyClean free Direct   click                  

Grease separator "G"                        Grease separator "D"

Grease separator EasyClean free Mix     click                         Grease Separator EasyClean free Auto Mix click

Grease separator "D+S"                               Grease separator "D+SP"

Grease separator EasyClean free Mix & Pump click             Grease Separator EasyClean free Auto Mix & Pump click