Historically the most commonly adopted method of protecting multiple properties at risk of internal flooding through surcharge on the public sewer, has been to interrupt the natural flow with a Pumping Station. The collecting and pumping of domestic and commercial waste water, has long been seen as the only way to guarantee the prevention of backflow or backwater, until now.

The IPS Kessel “Hybrid Drainage Systems” Ecolift XL, provides an alternative, greener, more environmentally sustainable solution, removing the need to pump every last millimetre of waste water, whilst reliably protecting a building from damage during flood conditions.

Harnessing the natural gradient designed into the pipe network under normal conditions, the IPS Kessel Ecolift XL monitors the flow in the waste system, using two optical sensors, and operates two motorised flaps, sealing the pipe off when backwater is detected. It is only then that a choice of 1400Kw to 4500Kw pumps, actuate and deliver the building’s wastewater with or without sewerage via a bypass directly into the surcharged sewer pipe, against the backwater.

Using the IPS Kessel Ecolift XL as an alternative to a traditional pumping station decreases the number of pump activations enormously, cuts the running time to a fraction of that normally observed, and therefore reduces the amount of energy used to achieve the same result. This product not only saves energy, but due to the reduction in workload on all component parts, it prolongs the life of the pumps, leading to less frequent repair and maintenance.

The key benefits of the IPS Kessel Ecolift XL include:
- Energy Saving, as it uses much less power than a tradition lifting station.
- Cost savings, due to less wear and tear and lower maintenance costs.
- Reliable Protection, providing Internal Flood Protection to Multiple properties.
- Monitoring and controlling, is achieved via a Self-Diagnostics system, and a Telemetry package.

The IPS Kessel Ecolift XL is tailored to meet the specific needs of each individual application. The unit is factory built, and completely self-contained, in a unique ground water resistant water tight chamber, designed to be installed without the need for large quantities of concrete, creating a clean working environment, and finish off with Class A to D cover and frame.

Built to handle up to 17 l/s of Combined Waste Water, the IPS Kessel Ecolift XL provides a real alternative to the Traditional Pumping Station, with undisputable environmental credentials.

For further information and design consultation please contact Dave Whalley National Product Manager (Kessel) at IPS Flow Systems dwhalley@ipsflowsystems.com