The history about Prevent Systems innovative solutions goes back to 1987. Back then their current Head of Technology started developing water mist nozzles for fire suppression.

The systems were originally developed for the maritime sector and are found on board cruise liners, ferries and yachts all over the world. When founding Prevent Systems AS in 2007, the focus was shifted to the land-based market.

Their innovative solutions have made us a market-leader within research, development and distribution of automatic fire suppression systems with low pressure water mist.

Prevent Systems was the first company to meet the test requirements for the Nordic residential water mist standard, INSTA 900-3, and the British water mist standards for residential and domestic, BS 8458, and for low hazard occupancies, BS 8489. They were also the first company to obtain LPCB certification for water mist nozzles, listed on

More than 25 years of research and development experience enables us to deliver innovative patented fire protection technology to the fast growing residential market, as well as for light- and ordinary hazard applications. This includes apartment buildings, care institutions, hospitals, hotels, office buildings, schools parking garages and cultural heritage buildings.