PURAD is an abbreviation of "pure advantage" and is the name given to the family of AGRU high purity thermoplastic materials. This family include welding systems, semi-finished products and even CAD design software to design 3D piping layouts.

In many critical process applications high purity fluid flow systems are essential. These processes include semiconductor manufacturing, pharmaceuticals and biotechnology. These demanding applications require the highest purity pipes, fittings and valves, which, after installation ensure that the piping system is 100% contamination free.

The materials the PURAD family are PP, Polypure PP natural, PVDF and ECTFE. The guarantee of high quality is achieved with by a rigorously controlled manufacturing process, that is documented
comprehensively from raw material through to finished components.

PURAD - the “pure advantage”, is your assurance of the finest high integrity thermoplastic piping components and semi-finished products. To find out more about PURAD, contact us.