Agru SP63-M

For AGRU Piping Systems from OD 20mm (1/2") up to OD 63mm (2"). Suitable for PVDF-UHP, PVDF, PP-R, PP-H, PP-Pure, Polypure, ECTFE and PE 100-RC

In infrared welding (non contact heating element butt welding), the pipe components are heated without contact and with a constant distance between the heating element and the pipe components. After the pipe components are heated up and the heating element has been removed, they are welded under constant jointing pressure.

First Rate Welding on Site - The SP63 mobile is designed for welding in difficult conditions.

Maximum Performance - Overhead welding can also be carried out in the usual Agru welding quality.


Automatic Processing
Entire processes are servo-electronically controlled for precise pressure and for movement welding
Remote Tie-in Welds
When operating in confined spaces the clamping mechanism can be removed for direct attachment to the pipe.
Automated Clamp Movement and Control
Unique closing device which ensures uniform and repeatable clamping pressure


Agru SP63-M
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Additional Details

Clamping System -

No displacement thanks to vertical and lateral adjustment.

Magnetic clamping inserts.

clamping force can be custom adjusted.

Key -

RFID access for certified welding operators.

Also used for identification, registration and data collection.

Transparency - 

All welding parameters, such as temperature, joining pressure and time, are documented.

Printer with special labels that can only be removed from the pipes by destructive means.

Operation - 

Touchscreen or control panel.

3D visualisation.

Direction through the welding process available in multiple languages.

Variable planing loss of up to 13mm.


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