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PVDF UHP is particularly pure, and in contrast to many other plastics, it contains no stabilisers, softners, lubricants or flame-retardant additives. Material of this quality is therefore ideally suited for the distribution of ultra pure media in ultrapure water systems and industrial supply systems. Contamination by leach out is nearly impossible in these piping systems. For more than 25 years, AGRU PURAD PVDF UHP piping systems have been used very successfully in the semiconductor industry.

Advantages of PURAD PVDF UHP systems

  • top-class mechanical and physical properties
  • high safety reserves for 24/7 operation
  • excellent long-term behaviour
  • best possible weld seam quality (IR and beadless welding)
  • lowest leach out behaviour at low and high temperatures (surpasses SEMI F 57 requirements)
  • excellent surface finish quality (low roughness, no micropores) means a low risk of biofilm grow