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AgruSafe double containment is fabricated from seperate pipes, and is available in Polypropylene, PVDF, Polyethylene and ECTFE (Halar). It is manufactured by AGRU - using the latest production and fabrication techniques to ensure maximum systems integrity.

The system may be assembled using the same carrier and containment materials, or they may be ordered with dissimilar materials for reasons of economy or perhaps to suit a particular application.

AgruSafe is especially suitable for larger diameter systems. The standard range features carrier pipe diameters in sizes up to DN 250mm, but it is commonly manufactured in larger sizes up to DN 600mm. It is ideal for industrial and process waste lines as well as for pressurised transfer piping. Typical applications are found in pharmaceutical and semi-conductor plants, steel mills, planting shops, or in the chemical and nuclear industries.

There are two separate welding techniques used for AgruSafe systems: simultaneous welding and cascade welding.

Simultaneous welding uses the standard butt-fusion welding technique and is used where carrier pipes and containment pipes of the same material are used. The twin walls of the pipes and the fittings are welded together during the assembly process so that they can be clamped as one piece in the butt-fusion welding machine. Welding of the carrier and containment pipe takes place simultaneously.

The cascade welding technique is required when the carrier and containment pipes are from different materials. Cascade welding requires a specially adapted butt-fusion welding machine with a split welding plate so that the carrier pipe canm be welded first. Once this is done, the outer shell of the welding plate is moved into position so that the containment pipe can be welded. Welding machines for both systems are available for sale or for hire.

AgruSafe systems are available in a variety of pressure ratings - up to PN16 - to suit the application. Using the wide range of pressure rated pipe and fittings - for example PN3.2 or PN6 - it is possible to optimise the cost effectiveness of the system.

AgruSafe Containment and Carrier Combinations