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DuoSafe systems are manufactured from rigid PVC-U or rigid PVC-C, with containment pipe options including grey or clear PVC-U, PVC-C, ABS or Polyethylene.

They are ideal for above or below ground double containment such as applications found in chemical dosing lines, or to handle a wide range of acids, alcohols, salts and halogens. They are lightweight, rigid, and easy to support. DuoSafe PVC-U is suitable for working temperatures up to 60°C. DuoSafe PVC-C may be used at high temperarures - up to 100°C.

DuoSafe systems are designed for easy installation. Easy access is given to make the first joint on the inner (carrier) pipe, before making the final joint on the outer (containment) pipe. Assembly is faster and joints are more secure. DuoSafe Systems are also assembled using a unique solvent cement - Weld-On 724 which guarantees strong integrity with a wide range of aggressive chemicals. The use of Weld-On 724 with the system is a requirement of the warranty.

A second significant benefit is the ease by which pipe cut lengths can be determined using a simple calculation based on face-to-face measurement between the fittings to be connected. Installation becomes quick and easy.

Several options on pipe pressure ratings are avaialble - up to a maximum 16 bar. For reasons of economy it is usually also possible to reduce the pressure rating of the containment piping without affecting the system integrity.

Systems are avaialble in PVC-U using inch sized piping. It can be specified in the standard dark grey colour, or with a clear PVC-U containment pipe to provide continuous visible monitoring of the system. Additional containment pipe options include ABS, for improved strength on above ground systems.

DuoSafe PVC-C is manufactured in inch sizes in light grey with the option of a clear PVC-U containment pipe.

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