AGRULINE - machine e-couplers

  • June 7, 2021

AGRULINE machined e-couplers made of PE 100-RC

Machined E-couplers   AGRU

Perfect joints for large diameter pipes:
machined E-couplers

AGRU's range of machined E-couplers has been deployed successfully for years in a wide variety of applications. Continuous further development and improvement now enable an extensive product range for the SDR 11, 17 and 26 pipe series in dimensions from 560 to 1600mm. The machined E-couplers are bifilar and come with some special features and therefore represent a new product line.

Outstanding end product properties

Tailor-made for the requirement of the piping systems

PE 100-RC enables installation without sand embedding

  • Resistance to point loads that could lead to stress cracks
  • Resistance to slow crack propagation
  • Up to 10-times longer test bed service life compared to conventional PE 100


Thanks to the state-of-the-art material and welding technology

PE 100-RC piping systems require little maintenance due to

  • Smooth internal surface without deposits (incrustations)
  • Homogeneous, longitudinally forcelocked weldings
  • High resistance to pressure surges (water hammer)
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