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At IPS Flow Systems we are committed to ensuring sustainability is at the heart of our operations, our culture and our longer-term strategy.

We aim to ensure that sustainability considerations form part of our day-to-day operations, as well inform our strategic development planning.

Through the empowerment that knowledge brings, and through our strong values, we will take action to improve the lives of people & of the communities that we touch, wherever they may be.

Our Sustainability Principles

IPS Will promote our principles by actively nurturing our organizational culture

Our Values

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An environment for the future

Adopting low carbon technologies, preventing pollution, shortening supply chains where feasible, protecting eco-systems, and engaging with customers and supply partners with the aim of achieving carbon reduction success.

Better society for the future

Promoting greater sustainability knowledge for customers, supply partners and employees, creating safe and secure workplaces for our employees and supply partners’ employees, and creating an environment that nurtures diversity, equality and inclusion.

Responsible business for the future

Our commitment to contributing to a responsible business for the future – Supporting and promoting strong economic growth with governance within our own operations. We will also apply governance to our supply partners. We commit to strong codes of conduct that provide integrity, protection, and fair treatment to everyone involved in our value chains

How is IPS going to do this?

Our Actions

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We will engage with our stakeholders, striving to understand their expectations, whilst promoting our own sustainability vision


We promise to ensure our people are provided with knowledge and a clear understanding of the challenges facing our communities and environment


We strive to ensure our people are empowered and motivated to take to take positive action to achieve our values

Diversity & Equality

We will embrace diverse skills and contributions by nurturing diversity and equality

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