All Ireland Water & Wastewater Expo

  • November 15, 2022

IPS Flow Systems and Copely  will be attending the All Ireland Water & Wastewater Expo  in Dublin on November 23rd 2022 at Fitzpatrick Castle Hotel, Killiney. 

The All-Ireland Water & Wastewater Expo is a conference and exhibition designed to bring together key stakeholders from the municipal, industrial and domestic water & wastewater community together to discuss and debate the key issues facing our water & wastewater sector.

Who are Copely?


  • Copely Devlopments is a UK hose manufacturer, with over 50 years in the thermoplastic hose and tube manufacturing industry.  Copely are IPS Flow Systems pricipal supplier of flexible dual containment hose. 

What is Flexible dual Containment? 

  • Copely developed their flexible dual containment hose over 20 years ago.  Flexible dual containment can be used in water treatment plants where there is a need to delveir chemicals when any leakage must be contained,.  

What are flexinle dual containment hoses? 

  • Flexible dual containment hoses have a flexible reinforced hose within a flexible containment hose. These can be up to 500m long.
  • Installation is much simpler as long lengths can just be ran straight through the plant and clipped to existing cable tray or installed in existing trenches.
  • These systems have been developed over the years and there are several types available for different chemicals or uses, along with a range of fittings and accessories
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