Deep Geothermal Assay Results Confirm Expected Lithium Concentrations

  • February 1, 2022

Deep Geothermal Assay Results Confirm Expected Lithium Concentrations

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In August 2021 Cornish Lithium and GeoCubed worked together to collect a bulk sample of geothermal water during the Electrical Submersible Pump test conducted by Geothermal Engineering Limited (“GEL”) at its United Downs Deep Geothermal Project (“UDDGP”). The fluid collected will primarily be used to feed the Pilot Plant for the purposes of evaluating DLE technologies.

Lithium concentrations averaged 263 mg/l over 63-hours of pumping, with a maximum grade of 296 mg/l recorded. These concentrations were in line with those obtained from an airlift test in August 2020.

In addition to the encouraging lithium concentrations, other key by-products such as caesium, rubidium and potassium were shown to be at elevated levels. Importantly deleterious elements, which can negatively impact the processing of waters through DLE technologies and the quality of the final lithium product, were exceptionally low. Magnesium levels were below 5 mg/l, transition metals such as iron were shown to be negligible, and silicon concentrations were low.

IPS long time customer RSE announced that they were selected to provide engineering, procurement, construction and commissioning (EPCC) support for GeoCubed’s innovative lithium extraction pilot plant. The project will be delivered in collaboration with RSE Group companies SheersSaftronics and TCS.

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Additionally, its said RSE's involvement would be "invaluable" in designing and integrating the Direct Lithium Extraction (DLE) technology module, provided by GeoLith, into an operational plant.

RSE will now integrate GeoCubed's DLE module into Pilot Plant ahead of its delivery to the United Downs Geothermal Testing Facility, where Pilot Plant will be commissioned by the end of March 2022.

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IPS and our supply partners Serto  Praher Hayward Copely   Spears  &  Van de Lande  supplied the PVC & PVDF pipe and fittings for the project. 



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