So why is there still a price being put on peoples lives?

The effects of a fire can be devastating... loss of life, property damage, service disruption.

These things can all be avoided by retro-fitting Fire Sprinklers to vulnerable buildings such as high-rise buildings, commercial, industrial and some residential properties.

There is the misconception that fire sprinklers are expensive and cause disruption to residents and businesses. However this couldn't be further from the truth when installing a CPVC fire sprinkler system.

There are numerous benefits to using CPVC fire sprinklers including faster completion and less downtime. Plus buildings can still be occupied while CPVC fire sprinklers are being fitted.

CPVC fire sprinklers are an affordable solution that save lives.

"You simply can't put a price of peoples lives."

Fire Sprinklers save lives.
It is now estimated that 71 people lost their lives in the Grenfell Tower disaster.

Grenfell Tower

According to the British Automatic Fire Sprinkler Fire Association (BAFSA), it's estimated that the cost to fit fire sprinklers in the Grenfell Tower block would have only been in the region of £1,150 per flat. That's around £200k across all apartments. A small price to pay to prevent loss of life.

Hotel Fire

England's oldest hotel, built in 1769 was ruined by a fire in October 2016. The Royal Clarence Hotel, a historic landmark in Exeter is still closed today, a year after the blaze burnt it down. Plans have been submitted by the owner for the restoration of the hotel. We'd like to think that a fire sprinkler system is included in those plans.

School Class Room

Our children's lives are being put at risk every single day. Currently, fire sprinklers are mandatory in new school buildings in Scotland and Wales, but not in England and Northern Ireland. This has caused outrange and rightly so, especially when you consider that there are around 700 fires in UK schools every single year.

So what is being done to prevent disaster from fire?

There's been lots of talk about fire sprinkler systems since Grenfell last year. Jeremy Corbyn is now pushing for the Government to set aside £1 billions for sprinklers. This would be a hugely sensible move considering only 2% of UK council tower blocks have full sprinkler systems.

How can IPS Flow Systems help?

IPS Flow Systems stock CPVC pipe, fittings, tools and mist nozzles in our UK and Ireland warehouses available for next day delivery.

We also provide certified third-party accredited installation training to ISO9001 specification.

You can read more about our CPVC fire sprinkler piping range here.

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