Firex Focus - FlameGuard CPVC Compatible Firestopping, Metacaulk 150+

  • June 13, 2019

Introducing Metacaulk 150+ Firestopping

Metacaulk 150+
Metacaulk 150+ is a one component, general purpose fire rated sealant, acoustic sealant and smoke seal for construction joints and wall-penetrations. Metacaulk 150+ is a water based, non-sag caulking grade sealant that is easy to apply as well as retrofit. In the event of a fire, Metacaulk 150+ will prevent the spread of flames, smoke, hot gases and water through joint openings and through-penetrations.

Characteristics & Features 


  • VOC compliant
  • Water based

  • Excellent freeze-thaw
  • Flexible set 
  • Paintable 

  • VOC compliant

  • Safe and easy to use
  • 3 Year shelf life

Suitable for use with.... 


Spears FlameGuard

Metacaulk 150+ is suitable for use on FlameGuard CPVC fire sprinkler installations and is available from IPS Flow Systems.  For more information please contact our sales office on 0191 5213111
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