FLOWATCH - Not just another alarm company

  • July 30, 2020


Not just another alarm company...

With the introduction of Monitoring to Residential and Domestic Fire Sprinkler Systems, why should you choose FloWatch as our chosen partner for Monitoring?


Its simple - we are not just an alarm company that wants to sell you a box. Yes we make clever systems, (and yes we do want to sell it you!)

But we want to be your go to company, your technical department, the people you call when a situation arises out of the norm and need a solution.


For each project you place an order, FloWatch will produce a full design of the Sprinkler monitoring system for you - FOR FREE!! Yes you heard it here first FOR FREE!!

We will provide Wiring Schematics, Points List and a Network Overview telling you exactly what needs installing where, the type of cable to use, and any settings that are required on each Device.


And not only that - our technical team will be on hand to call to give you advice on site should the need arise. Got a problem - no worries pick up the phone and give us a call we are here to help!


Our aim at FloWatch is to improve Fire Safety through ensuring systems are installed correctly. Our team are well trained in BS9251 Fire Sprinkler for Domestic and Residential properties and will not only give you technical advice on our product, but are here to ensure the system is installed to the guidance provided under BS9251.

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