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  • February 1, 2023

Fire Protection accounts for an important world-wide market share in terms of safety and installation, thus Raccorderie Metalliche designed a suitable solutions for the sector professionals. A wide range of products in 4 different materials comply with any designer and installer requirement. Pressfitting systems by Raccorderie Metalliche is used when assembling traditional systems such as Sprinklers and hydrants and in the most modern and technological low pressure water mist plants.

Raccorderie Metalliche and fire proctection systems steelPRES is the systems consisting of classic fittings in unbonded E195 steel.

Such a product is the best solution to assemble class OH4 sprinkler plants with water inside. steelPRES by Raccorderie Metallilche supplements the Fire prevention sector with all the Pressfitting benefits. 

Raccorderie Metalliche and fire proctection systems inoxPRES  is the system complying with any Fire protection sector requirement and Raccorderie Metalliche, together with austenitic high-alloyed Cr-Ni-Mo 1.4404 (AISI 316L) stainless steel fittings, provide for a wide range of pipes: 316L, 304 and 304 with a reduced thickness.

Stainless steel features allow to use inoxPRES in open Hydrant and Sprinkler networks both with water or dry, Class OH4. Suitable for the industrial sector, whenever the surrounding environment is aggressive and a material corrosion-proof is required, one of the best technologies profiting from inoxPRES features is low pressure water mist. In fact such plants ask for stainless steel products, not leading to build-ups or impurities in time. Pressfitting assembling does not produce burrs or impurities, possibly clogging the nozzle micro-holes while stainless steel protects gas or water features in the loop. inoxPRES complies with any certification requirement, thus offering the VdS certification to designers and installers.

Raccorderie Metalliche and fire proctection systems aesPRES  the prefitting system range in copper by Raccorderie Metalliche.

The main features of such a DHP 99.9 material make it usable on Hydrant and Sprinkler plants with water (wet), Class OH3. Copper is a noble material, reliable and lasting in time, as the Pressfitting system.

Raccorderie Metalliche and fire proctection systems marinePRES is the brand developed by Raccorderie Metalliche in CuNiFe1.6Mn (WL 2.1972) cupronickel alloy to comply with any designer requirement to protect with Fire Protection systems even the most difficult saline and corrosive environments for industrial processes.

On any ship, in case of use, inside the Sprinkler system, sea water is pumped. marinePRES is highly resistant to saline corrosion and suitable to fit Hydrant and Sprinkler wet/dry plants. Raccorderie Metalliche once more provides certified DNV, ABS and LR systems to designers and installers to be fitted to Sprinkler applications.

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