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  • January 25, 2023


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Pressfittings Installation

Pressfitting Systems

The most effective and efficient way to make an installation.

Pressfitting is a joining between pipes with fittings fitted through electro-mechanical pressing machines. Pressing permanently deforms the fitting on the pipe thus leading to a perfect mechanical joint, while the O-Ring provides for the hydraulic tightening connection. Pressing provides for a constant quality joining, easily reproduced and with a minimum physical effort by the operator.

Why to use it

Safety, speed, reliability.

  • Copper brazing is the most widely used method in the sanitary and plumbing sector. It asks for expertise and skills, long execution time and involves hot works and free flames. In case of maintenance or refurbishing, generally it is necessary to work in contact with inflammable materials, where the fire risk is very high.
  • An alternative to brazing is the use of plastic pipes, adhesively jointed. No risk of fires connected to welding but cement resins need hours to dry, according to the room temperature as well.
  • Pressfitting stands out with many benefits. It lowers the execution times and it is safer: jointing is carried out at room temperature, with no glues, resins or free flames; the operator works in safety, even when in contact with inflammable materials. Pressing asks for 5 seconds for small diameters and up to 40 seconds for bigger diameters, consistently cutting installation times. What is more, fittings once pressed can be tested thus avoiding cost and downtimes. A 25 to 50% installation time reduction as reported by the company installers, on plants using big diameter pipes.
  • Pressfitting provides for the same benefits even when compared to threaded joints, as it is free of dirt and cuts depending on threading process. No need to prepare the fittings, with hemp or Teflon as any joint comes with factory montes O-Rings.


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