KESSEL Grease Separators - underground and overground

  • July 15, 2018
Just like the wombles (if you're under 40 you probably won't know who the wombles are!) at IPS we stock KESSEL Grease Separators suitable for both underground and overground applications.

Above Ground Kessel Grease Separators

Kessel Grease Separators

  • Polypropylene Monolithic construction
  • SBEN 1825
  • Sonic level control system
  • NS2 to NS10 packages
  • Bespoke design system
  • Sampling chambers, NS15 to NS30, telemetry and remote control available
  • Product selection and system design assistance


  • Easy clean: basic and standard
  • Easy clean: mix and auto mix
  • Easy clean: mix and pump
  • Easy clean: auto mix and pump

Under Ground Kessel Grease Separators

Kessel Underground Separators
Euro Basic: NS7 to NS35
Euro G: NS1 to NS4
Euro PV&S: (Auto mix and pump) NS1 to NS10

All available with Class B or D covers and options of sample chamber, sonic level control and telemetry.
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