Kessel Spotlight - Lifting Station - Aqualift S compact

  • December 7, 2022

Lifting station Aqualift S Compact

The flexible version for wastewater without sewage.

Reliable and hygienic: the lifting station Aqualift S Compact is a real quick-change artist. It is the first lifting station in our range that can be converted comfortably from a Mono to a Duo system after floor slab installation. Yet that is not the only feature that makes the Aqualift S Compact so special: the free suspension and acoustic decoupling of the pump(s) also makes particularly quiet operation possible.

The Aqualift S Compact is available with a float switch or pneumatic level measurement. The lifting station can also take up and discharge water additionally from the surface through the drain integrated in the black or tileable cover. It is delivered from the factory with either one or two pumps; the new GTF 500 and GTF 500 resistant (for aggressive wastewater such as heating condensate) and the GTF 1200 are the models used here.

Floor slab installation

The Aqualift S Compact is an almost invisible lifting station if it is installed in the floor slab. The integrated drain in the cover handles basement surface water. Even in the event of a pipe burst or flooding, the Minilift S continually pumps away the wastewater keeping the basement rooms dry.

The KESSEL sealing set for installation in waterproof concrete ensures reliable protection against pressing water. The extension section with a central flange and elastomeric waterproofing membrane enable implementation also in deeper installation situations.




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