M is for... Mist

M is for Mist
  • June 14, 2021

M is for Mist


Prevent Systems water mist systems are a comprehensive system solution with an emphasis on quality, efficiency, simplicity and sustainability. These unique benefits apply to those who design, install and, not least, for those who will live and be protected by the suppression system for many, many years.

Prevent Systems

PrevSys water mist systems are designed and installed according to current regulations and standards in many thousand apartments, in office buildings, hotels, care buildings, churches and listed buildings. 

A complete PrevSys system solution gives all parties involved the confidence and security that the system is installed with the right components, ensuring the benefits the system is designed to have – benefits that also provide the best overall economy.

  • Efficient Fire Suppression – Tested and certified with use of significantly less water than traditional suppression systems
  • Requiring less water while still providing efficient fire suppression provides major space and cost benefits:
    • Smaller water intake and tank(s)
    • Smaller components used for the entire system
    • Easier and faster installations
  • For commercial projects PrevFog nozzles cover 16m² and up to 20m² in rooms of 20m² or less, compared to 12m² for sprinklers. Fewer nozzles required saves time and money. Especially big savings potential in larger projects, and where there are many smaller rooms up to 20m².
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