MUPRO - NEW Clamps

  • May 31, 2021

The new MUPRO pipe clamps Optimal Junior®

Mupro Junior Clamps

The new MUPRO pipe clamps Optimal Junior® Easy are available for pipe diameters ranging from ¼ " to 4". The pipe clamp is equipped with a quick fastener, which enables a quick and easy installation. Different connection options offer more flexibility in the application, because with the connecting thread M8 and M8/M10 this pipe clamp is the right solution for different mounting situations.

In addition, the soundproofing guarantees an objective functional reliability. The Optimal Junior® Easy pipe clamps with a non-slip and pre-assembled vibration control lining DÄMMGULAST offer an average sound level improvement of up to 17 db (A).

For further information on our new Optimal Junior® Easy pipe clamps, please contact The new pipe clamps Optimal Junior® Easy are immediately available.

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