THIS Part Of Managing The Weather Just Got A Lot More Predictable

  • September 26, 2018

Predicting the Weather


The weather has always been unpredictable. Even before Michael Fish’s now infamous inability to predict the Great Storms of 1987.

And whilst it remains impossible to predict exactly when and where bad weather-instigated flooding is going to take place, managing impact just got a lot more certain.

Weather Trends – And How To React

One noticeable weather trend is the increasing frequency of heavy rainfall in the UK. And because of this, effective backwater prevention devices are becoming an essential component in the battle against property flooding.

This includes Backwater Prevention Valves, Floor Drains and Pumping Stations. All of which (and more) are available from the powerful partnership between distributor, IPS Flow Systems and manufacturer, KESSEL.

The alliance means that there is a super-reliable, single-source solution for when the predicted increase in heavy rainfall does materialise.

A Unique Partnership – And UK Water Companies Are Benefitting

IPS & KESSEL are – together – providing a complete service to all UK Water Companies during AMP 6 and beyond, from Flood Mitigation Works to Network Repair and Maintenance, whilst working closely with Flood Defense companies, Drainage Contractors and Ground Workers to meet broad and varied demands.

IPS provide KESSEL Accredited Training on Installation, Commissioning and Maintenance, Consultation and Design Assistance with Product Selection and even the creation of Individual Solution bespoke to the needs of an individual project.

And KESSEL give IPS unbeatable peace of mind

KESSEL have been manufacturing innovative drainage products for 45 years. With more than 100 patents and registered designs, the KESSEL brand is acknowledged as one of the market leaders. KESSEL valves are suitable for both new build and retrofit applications.

Why Exclusivity Means Unbeatable

KESSEL focus on IPS and IPS focus on KESSEL. There are no distractions. This exclusivity allows IPS to carry huge stocks of KESSEL drainage products and spares, making much of the itinerary available to the UK market on next day delivery, reducing the down time on vital services.

This gives clients & customers tangible added value and a route to supply they can understand and trust.

Reduced downtime means enhanced continuation of supply. And this means enhanced efficiencies and customer service levels.

So whilst the brilliant IPS and KESSEL alliance can’t stop water falling from the sky, it can help make sure it gets to where it's supposed to – and stays away from where it shouldn’t – when it arrives.
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