What is Double Containment?

  • August 30, 2022

We sat down with our Double Containment

expert Kevin Nixon to discuss..

 ...what is Double Containment? 

IPS        Kevin, you've dealt with DC for many years tell us a little bit about it.   

Kevin    Double Containment is a pipe within a pipe, where the inner pipe is used to transport hazardous media or media that must not come into contact with lifeforms.  The outer pipe is used to catch any leak from the inner pipe if a leak was to occur and transport that leak to a safe bunded area.  There are a number of systems available from different manufacturers in flexible and rigid systems and various materials. 

IPS        What systems do we offer Kevin? 

Kevin    We have systems available in flexible hose, rigid imperial solvent weld PVCU & PVCC systems, Metric Polypropylene and PVDF butt fusion systems. 

AgruSafe      AgruSafeDuoSafe RigidDuoSafe Flex Hydrachem






IPS        What is a zoning fitting? 

Kevin    Zoning fittings are crucial in long run installs.  They often get over looked because of cost.        

IPS       Why are they crucial Kevin? 

Kevin   They safe guard against costly repairs, zoning fittings in conjunction with a leak detection fitting will save the customer from replacing the full installation. 

IPS       Tell us more about leak detection. 

Kevin   Again leak detection can be over looked or not included down to cost.  Leak detection is crucial to the system working effectively, if you don't include them then you will never know if you have a leak. Usually IPS supply only as a visual detection                but they can be modified by the client for mechanical or electrical detection.  

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