Strengthening Partnerships: A Productive Visit from Kessel

  • May 30, 2024

Strengthening Partnerships: A Productive Visit from Kessel's Michael Feigl and Klaus Rogge to IPS Flow Systems' Seaham Office

This week, IPS Flow Systems had the pleasure of hosting Michael Feigl and Klaus Rogge from Kessel at our Seaham office for a day filled with productivity and strategic planning for the year ahead. The visit highlighted the strong and valued partnership between IPS Flow Systems and Kessel, reaffirming our commitment to working closely together to achieve mutual success.

Michael Feigl and Klaus Rogge, both key figures from Kessel, brought their extensive expertise and insights to the table, engaging in in-depth discussions with our team. The agenda for the day was packed with meaningful conversations focused on market strategies and collaborative initiatives aimed at enhancing our offerings and expanding our market reach.

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The meeting was a testament to the synergy between IPS Flow Systems and Kessel. Our partnership, built on a foundation of trust and shared goals, has consistently yielded positive results. This visit was no exception, as it provided an excellent opportunity to align our strategies and set ambitious targets for the coming year.

During the visit, several key topics were discussed, including:

  1. Market Strategies: We delved into strategic plans to expand our presence in existing markets and tap into new opportunities, leveraging the strengths of both IPS Flow Systems and Kessel.
  2. Collaborative Initiatives: Identifying areas where our teams can work more closely together to drive efficiency, improve customer service, and deliver superior solutions.

The collaborative spirit and the open exchange of ideas made the visit highly productive. We were able to gain valuable insights from Kessel's experiences and share our perspectives, fostering a deeper understanding and stronger relationship between our organisations.

At IPS Flow Systems, we always look forward to moments like these, where we can engage directly with our partners, strengthen our relationships, and chart a course for future success. The visit from Michael Feigl and Klaus Rogge has not only reinforced our partnership with Kessel but also set the stage for an exciting year ahead filled with opportunities and growth.

We are grateful for their visit and look forward to continued collaboration, driving innovation, and achieving great milestones together. Here’s to a prosperous future with Kessel and IPS Flow Systems working hand in hand!