When contractors carrying out upgrades at a Wastewater Treatment Works
cut through a pressurised 450mm steel contaminated water pipe, a rapid live
leak repair was required to prevent an environmental catastrophe.



The contractors mistakenly cut into the pipe
believing it to be decommissioned for removal.
Once it was breached, they realised it was
connected to all the waste treatment ponds.


The severity of the cuts resulted in large amounts
of contaminated water escaping. Isolating the pipe
would have involved the shutdown of the entire site.
There was no feasible way to stop the flow other
than a live leak repair.


The site was less than one hour from Sylmasta HQ.
Sylmasta delivered Wrap & Seal Pipe Burst Tape
and SylWrap HD Pipe Repair Bandage and
stayed on site to provide technical assistance.


Multiple tapes sealed the high pressure leak, fusing
into a solid rubber band over the breached pipe.
The tape was overwrapped with the bandage,
providing an impact resistant layer of protection.



The repair was completed in one hour and for just
£300. It prevented the shutdown of the facility, and
stopped a serious environmental incident which
could have left the treatment works with huge fines
and a costly clean up.


Sylmasta have since recommended the treatment
works take stock of a Pipe Repair Contractor Case,
enabling the site to make up to six emergency
repairs as soon as pipes are damaged in future.



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