In July our NEW supply partner Dynorod Ireland put us in contact with a company that needed an underground grease separator for their cake making business. Cake head needed the separator at their facilty in Rutland.  They needed an NS2 separator but they also needed a means of pumping the grey water back up to the sewer once it had been separaterd.  

Our national product manager for Kessel Dave Whalley specified the 93002/80D as it has a 140litre sludge capacity and 230litre total capacity with this he also specified the 825810D lifting station which was more than capable.  

Dave specified the units and we quoted out on the third of July, the customer ordered the units on the 17th July and by the 25th July they had it in the ground and fitted thanks to AFS

Chris and the Cake Head crew were SO happy with service they recieved and their clean pipes that they sent some of their insanely good cakes for us to sample. 


Kessel Grease Separators can be found on our website and sized using - kessels SMART SELECT is a free efficent tool for configuring, designing and calculating drainage solutions.