Over the course of the last 20 years, the UK has witnessed a “quiet revolution” in the uptake and use of Automatic Fire Sprinkler systems to combat fire in Residential buildings.  

The British Automatic Fire Sprinkler Association – “BAFSA” has led the way in developing and promoting the use of sprinkler systems. The growth in both the Commercial and Residential market place has generated a growing need for skilled installation staff.

To meet this need, BAFSA has been working closely with “IQ” (the Industry Qualifications – Skills for Security organisation) and educational institutions such as Manchester College to provide the needed training. This has resulted in a nationally recognised award – the IQ Level 2 Certificate in Fire Sprinkler Installation.

In order to develop and present the new course on Fire Sprinkler Installation, Manchester College naturally turned to the industry experts – BAFSA, for advice based on years of experience. BAFSA members are delighted to play their part in bringing through the next generation of sprinkler engineers and fitters.

In conjunction with Manchester College and BAFSA – a number of specialist companies are giving valuable input to the training programme; by both exhibition days and seminars (or master classes) on certain specific subjects. 

IPS Flow Systems are long time members of BAFSA, being an Associate company in the Manufacturing sector. IPS is the UK’s leading supplier of the CPVC Fire Sprinkler system having led the market for over 25 years, and as such welcomed the opportunity to assist Manchester College.

Paul Wright, IPS Business Development Manager and qualified Instructor in CPVC installation, agreed to attend a recent open day at the Manchester Wythenshawe Campus. The open day was for the Manchester College to promote sprinklers as a career and invited various parties along to drive this.  One of these was “Walking with the Wounded”, a charity which looks to raise funds to re-train and re-skill ex-forces personnel, some of whom have been wounded during military service.  This new course and the qualification it offers can be truly be described as a “Win-Win” situation. It offers an excellent opportunity for ex-military personnel in finding new careers outside the Military. Plus, it attracts much needed candidates to a worthwhile and valuable UK Industry.

IPS Flow Systems are delighted to play their part.