This month we delivered Kessels largest fully automated grease separator in the U.K. to a blue chip company in London.

We delivered TWO NS25 separators into a site in Kings Cross that needed a FORS Silver delivery.  There were lots of criteria to meet but IPS met them and exceeded many.

Our customer needed to have these craned into a 6m hole in the ground before it was filled in. 

These 93025.01/PVS grease separators are fully automated and self cleaning. They pump the waste water up to the truck which is the most effective way.

The customer also needed sonic controls for the unit to measure the grease levels.

Along with that they had a distribution box that splits the incoming water and also sampling chambers that allows them to check the water coming from the outlet.

Hopefully if the build goes according to plan the units should be commissioned in late 2021 - we will keep you posted.