Non Return Valves (for drainage) 

IPS are the exclusive UK & Ireland partner for KESSEL AG, a German company that have been supplying into the flood mitigation sector for 45+ years, with the Staufix Inline NRV as early as 1970, to Automatic Systems with over pumping of today. In fact the majority of inline NRV’s on the market today, are created using the Staufix as a base, as it’s the only basic backwater protection valve that full complies with the standard EN13564, when it comes to structure, flow resistance, and most importantly pressure testing to 0.5bar on flap and cover.


To many in this sector, KESSEL is the standard, and the key products in the range are:


  • Staufix Basic Inline NRV – single flap/single flap locking/double flap locking – 4” & 6”
  • Drehfix Basement/Floor drain – double flap locking – 4”
  • Staufix FKA Inline automatic NRV – 4”, 6” & 8” – Open when at rest.
  • Pumpfix F Komfort Inline automatic NRV with over pumping – 4”, 6” & 8” – Open when at rest/flow of up to 4 l/s (Hybrid Drainage Systems)
  • Ecolift XL Inline automatic NRV with over pumping – 4”, 6” & 8” – Open when at rest/flows of up to 17 l/s (Hybrid Drainage Systems)


There are more KESSEL BWP products available, but these are the products commonly used by the water companies in the UK & Ireland.


You can download the brochures covering the products, below are 2 articles  ADF and LinkedIn.


In addition to the products, we have a network of Service/Install Partners that are KESSEL Approved, who take on the more complex M&E type projects where power is involved especially for commissioning and troubleshooting on the rare occasion they are needed.

If you would like a presentation, webinar, or you would like our certified virtual CIBSE CPD on Backwater Protection EN13564, please let us know. Alternatively, if you have a project that you think needs protection from sewer surcharge, or stormwater management system outfall, just drop us an email, and we can look at products for specific live applications.