The main feature on the IPS/Kessel stand @ #ukconstructionweek will be KESSEL Grease Separators suitable for both underground and above ground applications.

Fatburgs! A UK problem that could be a thing of the past?

What we don't see, we don't worry about - but at what cost ?
With water companies spending millions of pounds every year clearing blockages from the sewers beneath our cities, we all have a responsibility to take care what we put down the drain!

The biggest ever fatberg, found in 2017 beneath Whitechapel Road in East London, was filled with congealed fat, wet wipes and nappies. This fatbert was 10 times larger than the one found in a sewer in Kingston, London, in 2013.

It is estimated that 90% of eateries in London are contributing to the problem by failing to install grease traps, the report found. As a result, grease, oil and food scraps washed off plates, utensils and saucepans are finding their way into pipes and drains.

Stephen Pattenden, sewer network manager for Thames Water said: “We’re not suggesting anyone intentionally pours the contents of a fat fryer down the drain, but it’s more about the gunk that comes from dirty plates, pots and pans. A simple, well-maintained grease trap will capture that stuff and stop it entering the sewer and turning into a monster fatberg.”

Food outlets have already been given advise on how to dispose of fat and food waste whilst commercial kitchens have been advised on grease-trapping equipment specifically for commercial kitchens.

Pattenden also said that restaurants that failed to install grease traps and other measures faced prosecution if they didn’t make required changes.

Thames Water says it spends about £1million a month clearing blockages from its sewers in London and the Thames Valley – an average of three fat-related blockages every hour. So it's understandable that they are advising on the use of grease traps and prosecuting against those companies who don't make changes.

Fatberg Facts

Length - 250 meters which is the same as:

  • Tower Bridge in London
  • 2 football pitches

Weight - 130 tonnes which is the same as:

  • 11 double decker buses
  • 19 adult African elephants
  • 2 Airbus A318 aeroplanes 


  • Wet wipes (primarily from domestic properties)
  • Nappies (again usually from domestic properties)
  • Sanitary items (from domestic properties)
  • Foot scraps (primarily from commercial kitchens and food outlets)
  • Fat, oil and grease (from commercial kitchens and food outlets)

If you would like to talk through the options for installing underground or above ground commercial grease trap please visit:
Well, we're almost ready! IPS and our partner Kessel have been working hard to get ready to exhibit at the UK’s largest built environment event, UK Construction Week (UKCW)

As well as exhibiting the Kessel range of Pumping Stations, Flood Protection Products and Shower Drains, this year 'Grease is the word', we will focus on their Separator products with a feature display of the EasyClean Grease Separator.

Remember that the exhibition consists of nine shows running from 9-11 October:

Timber Expo, Build Show, Civils Expo, Plant & Machinery Live, Energy 2018, Building Tech Live, Surface & Materials Show and HVAC2018 

 (with Grand Designs Live which is open to the trade on 10-11 October).

Find us in Hall 12, Stand C325