Designed to perform and engineered to last – VIPSeal™ is a versatile range of flexible couplings and adaptors for joining and repairing low pressure and non-pressurised pipes of any material and size combination.

As the pipe technology market has diversified, the range of materials, sizes and designs has created ever more complex sealing challenges meaning no two installations are ever the same. Recognising this, VIP-Polymers has responded to the market by innovating in the area of materials, design and full in-house engineering profiles with VIPSeal™.

Manufactured in the UK, every product in the robust VIPSeal™ range meets the requirements of UK and several international standards.

  • Constructed using the highest quality raw materials 
  • Tested to UK and international material and product performance standards 
  • Designed for ease of installation
 Standard Couplings (VSC)
Constructed from the highest quality elastomeric rubber, the standard couplings create a leak proof seal. In addition, the couplings are bolstered by stainless steel tension bands, proving shear resistance under heavy earth loads.
All standard couplings comply with BS EN295-4, WIS 4-41-01 and the new BS EN16397 standards.
All our couplings come with same day or next day delivery.

Standard coupling applications:   
  • As a coupling to join plain ended pipes
  • Repair damaged sections of pipes
  • Where a post or lateral connection is required
  • Where the diameters of pipe differ
  • Joining short and cut lengths of pipe
  • Introducing rocker pipes to an outside structure or manhole

Drain Couplings (VDC)

Designed to perform in situations where there is reduced resistance to heavy earth loads or unstable ground. VIPSeal™ drain couplings are made from the same elastomeric rubber sleeve as the standard coupling but come without the stainless steel shear band. They can join pipes in any material up to 275mm outside diameter.

Drain coupling applications: 
  • As a coupling to join plain ended pipes
  • Repair damaged sections of pipes
  • Joining short or cut lengths of pipes
  • As an adaptor to join pipes of different material
  • As a connection for soil waste and vent applications   

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