Well they did it! 
We are pleased to report that Caroline, Chris, Andrew and Paul successfully completed the 300K Vätternrundan on Saturday afternoon.

  The Start

Paul, Caroline and Chris
Andrew, Caroline and Chris

Starting at 22.02 (precisely) on Friday night, they set off into the night, full of excitement and enthusiasm. However, after about 80K, the high spirits were dampened when the rain started. This wasn’t drizzle, this was a full blown downpour, which lasted over two hours, in the pitch dark! By the time they got to a rest stop, they were cold and wet through. However, after having taken on board some carbs, and one of the team buying an additional, dry top, they were off again, determined to make the end.

For various reasons, they split up and made it to the end at their own pace, triumphant but shattered, hardly surprising when you look at the time it took them (including stops) to complete the route.

Paul Johnson – 13 Hours 39 Minutes
Caroline Riley – 15 Hours 20 Minutes
Chris Riley - 15 Hours 20 Minutes
Andrew Lamb -  16 Hours 08 Minutes

A brilliant effort for a great cause.  Well done to all of them.