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"Environmental products help protect and sustain our resources"

Environmental issues place increasing responsibility on engineers to ensure that hazardous products are handled safely. Closer focus on health and safety at work issues has also meant that companies have greater responsibilities to maintain a secure environment for employees.

Double containment piping is by no means a new concept to process piping applications. Systems using a carrier pipe with secondary containment have been installed using metal pipes for many years.

DuoSafe® PVC-U and PVC-C double containment systems are designed for ease of installation.

DuoSafe® FLEX is manufactured for dosing applications.

Poly-Flo is a unique system using specially extruded twin-wall pipes and injection moulded twin-wall fittings.

AGRUSAFE double containment is a fabricated system produced in a wide range of sizes and in a variety of material combinations.

Aliaxis P-LX fuel systems are designed to safely convey petrol, diesel and fuel oil in below ground applications while ensuring harmful emissions cannot escape into the environment.

AGRUSAFE Sure Grip® Liners can be used to form single or twin-wall linings for concrete structures and tanks.


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Enviro Products

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Our Partners in Environmental Products



Spears Manufacturing celebrate their 50th anniversary in 2019.  The world's largest producer of PVC-U and PVC-C pipe fittings, Spears hold a reputation for fine products and exceptional service. Spears products are manufactured in three plants located in the USA, and are distributed via a network of international distributors. Producing injection moulded products in diameters up to 16", and fabricated fittings in diameters up to 24", the Spears range is extremely diverse, including pipe fittings as well as manual and actuated valves.



As a reliable, professional supplier, AGRU offers everything from semi-finished products through to technologically optimised injection moulded fittings, all from a single source. Founded back in 1948 by Alois Gruber senior in Austria, nowadays the company is one of the world’s most important single-source suppliers for high-quality piping systems, semi-finished products, concrete protection liners and lining systems made from engineering plastics. With its expertise in producing engineering plastics components and developing tailored solutions, AGRU is present in virtually every sector of industry. Application areas include water and gas infrastructure, the energy sector, chemical and heavy industries, semiconductor and life-sciences, tank and apparatus building, naval and aviation industries, civil engineering and mining, and building construction. The possibilities opened up by Agru are manifold, just as the requirements of the worldwide customers are diverse.



Aliaxis has been at the forefront of thermoplastic pipework technology for over half a century, and were pioneers in the introduction of ABS as a pressure piping system. Aliaxis UK products are manufactured in an environment that complies with the requirements of ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

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