"Accurate process measurement is an integral part of a piping system"

Increasing levels of automation in process systems inevitably requires the greater use of equipment to accurately measure and subsequently control flow, pH, ORP (Redox), conductivity, temperature or pressure.

Of key importance is the need to have equipment which is simple to operate, easy to maintain, and provide reliable measurement results.

Suitable for use with water, aqueous or aggressive liquids (and gases), our range of flow measurement products are designed to fulfil a wide range of applications, from simple visible indication using variable area flow meters, to the sophisticated analytical controls used typically in chemical dosing water and waste water treatment.



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Our Partners in Flowmeters



The first ever thermoplastic valves were produced by Stübbe in their German factory in 1961. Since then the company has expanded considerably and now also has production in Portugal as well as worldwide distribution. Stübbe began manufacturing thermoplastic pumps in the early 1970's and now have one of the largest selections available with capacities from 1.2 to 600 cubic meters per hour.

The Stübbe range is renowned for reliability and strongly engineered solutions.

Blue White


Founded in 1957 by Ozzie King, Blue-White’s journey began with a commitment to problem-solving. Their first product - a diaphragm metering pump -revolutionized pool chemistry, offering automation and safety in chemical injection for pools and spas.

From their roots in aquatics, they diversified into a range of sectors, including municipal water and wastewater treatment, carwashes, and the process industry. Today, their product line includes chemical metering pumps, chemical feed skid systems, flow meters, water analyzers, and more.

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