Installation Tools

"Using the correct tools reduces the risk of poorly made joints"

Site installation of thermoplastic pipework is straightforward and can usually be completed in a fraction of the time taken to install metallic systems.

PVC-U, PVC-C and ABS systems can all be joined together using a cold solvent welded method which requires no specialised equipment. Polypropylene, Polyethylene and PVDF are resistant to most organic solvents, however, and require heat to weld the material.

Regardless of the choice of material, installation time and efficiency is greatly improved by using the correct tool for the job. Included in our range we have tools for cutting, chamfering and joining plastic pipes from the extensive Reed Tools range.

Also included is a selection of socket fusion and butt fusion welding machines, this equipment is available to sale or hire.

For jointing High Purity PVDF, Agru offer a range of technically advanced welding equipment designed to ensure cleanliness and consistency.

Installation Tools

Installation Tools

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Our Partners in Installation Tools


Reed Tools

Reed Manufacturing, since 1896, is a family-owned and operated., producing quality pipe and tools and vises. Reed has developed many of the most innovative and effective tools in the industry. Reed tools are the first choice of professionals around the world.


IPS Corporation

IPS Corporation established in 1954 was the original inventor of solvent cement for PVC-U, PVC-C & ABS pipe applications, IPS® Corporation has grown dramatically over the past 60+ years.

IPS has been recognised for over six decades as an innovator and a leader in the development of solvent cements, primers and adhesives for joining plastic and to other dissimilar materials. The IPS Weld-On range is manufactured in the USA, and distributed worldwide.



As a reliable, professional supplier, AGRU offers everything from semi-finished products through to technologically optimised injection moulded fittings, all from a single source. Founded back in 1948 by Alois Gruber senior in Austria, nowadays the company is one of the world’s most important single-source suppliers for high-quality piping systems, semi-finished products, concrete protection liners and lining systems made from engineering plastics. With its expertise in producing engineering plastics components and developing tailored solutions, AGRU is present in virtually every sector of industry. Application areas include water and gas infrastructure, the energy sector, chemical and heavy industries, semiconductor and life-sciences, tank and apparatus building, naval and aviation industries, civil engineering and mining, and building construction. The possibilities opened up by Agru are manifold, just as the requirements of the worldwide customers are diverse.



Wegener GmbH is the leading provider of hot air welding tools, hand held and automated extrusion welders, together with butt welding and bending machines. Wegener are renowned for developing unique solutions tailored to specific customer requirements.



Sylmasta Ltd have been formulating and manufacturing adhesives for over 20 years from the company’s base in West Sussex, United Kingdom.

Specialising in the development and manufacture of high quality adhesives and sealants, Sylmasta distribute worldwide into the manufacturing and maintenance markets through a growing international distributor base.

When you choose Sylmasta, you not only get the best quality products in the market today but you also get the advantage of Sylmasta’s expertise and years of application knowledge in manufacturing.

Product innovation has been key in making Sylmasta Ltd a net exporter into todays high technology market place.

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