"PVC-C can safely be used to carry hot, corrosive liquids"

Chlorinated Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC-C) is a modified PVC with additional high temperature strength. It has been developed to handle hot, corrosive liquids at working temperatures up to 100°C, whilst offering the ease of installation of cold solvent welded jointing.

PVC-C is inert to many mineral acids, bases, salts, paraffinic hydrocarbons, halogens and alcohols. It will not support combustion and is rated as self extinguishing. The low thermal conductivity of the material reduces moisture condensation on water lines, and will maintain the temperature of fluids with minimal insulation.

With a similar working temperature range to polypropylene, PVC-C has greater rigidity and lower thermal expansion, making it particularly suitable for above ground process pipework.


About PVC-C

Learn more about the characteristics, properties and pressure ratings of PVC-C.


Solvent Cementing

Learn how to make a solvent cement joints on PVC-C.



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Our Partners in PVC-C



Spears Manufacturing celebrate their 50th anniversary in 2019.  The world's largest producer of PVC-U and PVC-C pipe fittings, Spears hold a reputation for fine products and exceptional service. Spears products are manufactured in three plants located in the USA, and are distributed via a network of international distributors. Producing injection moulded products in diameters up to 16", and fabricated fittings in diameters up to 24", the Spears range is extremely diverse, including pipe fittings as well as manual and actuated valves.



VDL has been manufacturing PVC-U fittings and valves for more than 50 years. From its large production facility in the Netherlands, VDL supply one of the most complete ranges of PVC-U fittings in metric sizes, both moulded and fabricated, up to 400mm.

With an in house tooling facility, VDL can maintain quality and stock levels to the highest standards.



Aliaxis has been at the forefront of thermoplastic pipework technology for over half a century, and were pioneers in the introduction of ABS as a pressure piping system. Aliaxis UK products are manufactured in an environment that complies with the requirements of ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.



Hayward Flow Control, a division of Hayward Industries, Inc. based in Clemmons, NC, USA, has been a leading manufacturer of industrial thermoplastic valves and process control products for more than 60 years. Hayward have remained committed to producing the highest quality products while providing outstanding service that exceeds customer expectations. Hayward has earned an unsurpassed reputation for product design, manufacturing precision, quality assurance, experience and know-how, and a total commitment to customer satisfaction and support. 

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