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SwissFluid: Excellence in Engineering and Safety

IPS Flow Systems proudly offers a comprehensive range of SwissFluid products, renowned for their Swiss engineering excellence and a strong focus on safety. Our partnership with SwissFluid ensures that our customers have access to high-quality valves, industrial valves, pipeline systems, and sampling systems, all designed to meet the demands of highly corrosive and abrasive applications.

SwissFluid's Commitment to Safety and Longevity

SwissFluid products are engineered with an emphasis on safety and longevity. Their valves and valve systems are designed for maximum durability and minimal maintenance, translating to a low total cost of ownership over the long term. This dedication to safety and reliability makes SwissFluid a trusted choice for industries requiring robust and dependable valve solutions.

Innovative Modular Concepts

The innovative modular concept of SwissFluid’s components allows us to offer customer-specific solutions using standard products. This flexibility ensures that we can meet the unique requirements of our clients, providing tailored solutions that enhance operational efficiency and safety.

IPS Flow Systems: Adding Value Through Expertise

At IPS Flow Systems, we understand the importance of maintaining a low total cost of ownership (TCO) for our clients. Our marketing efforts are centred on this principle, ensuring that our collaboration with customers adds significant value to their operations. We are dedicated to sharing our expertise and offer individual, practical training on valve technology. Additionally, we are happy to visit your site to provide consultation and support, ensuring that you receive the best possible solutions for your specific needs.

The Importance of Safety in Sampling Systems

In industries where corrosive, aggressive, and gaseous media are handled, ensuring safety during the sampling process is paramount. Sampling systems are essential for obtaining representative samples of process media, which are crucial for quality control, safety, and compliance with industry standards. Here are key considerations for maintaining safety in sampling operations:

  1. Zero Leakage:
    • Sampling systems should have innovative stem sealing mechanisms to prevent any stem leakage, ensuring the safety of the operators and the environment.
  2. No Dead Space:
    • It is crucial that sampling valves and systems are designed without dead spaces to ensure representative sampling and prevent contamination or blockages.
  3. Robust Construction:
    • The materials used in the construction of sampling systems should be durable and resistant to the media being handled, providing longevity and reliability.
  4. Ease of Operation:
    • Safety in operation is enhanced by designs that allow for easy and intuitive use, reducing the risk of operator error and ensuring consistent performance.
  5. Pressure and Temperature Resistance:
    • Sampling systems must withstand high operating pressures and temperatures without compromising on safety or performance.
  6. Compatibility with Closed Systems:
    • For enhanced safety, sampling systems should be compatible with closed sampling systems, minimising exposure to hazardous media.
  7. Safety Monitoring:
    • Advanced sampling systems should include features for permanent monitoring before and during sampling, ensuring that any issues are detected and addressed promptly.
  8. Training and Support:
    • Providing operators with practical training on the use of sampling systems is essential for maintaining safety standards. Support and consultation services further ensure that systems are used correctly and safely.

What Are Sampling Systems?

Sampling systems are specialised setups used in industrial processes to extract a small portion of material from a larger batch for testing and analysis. These systems are designed to handle various types of media, including liquids, gases, and solids, under different process conditions. Here’s a more detailed look at their components and functionalities:

Components of Sampling Systems:

  1. Valves:
    • Sampling Valves: Allow for the extraction of a sample without halting the production process. They are designed to be leak-proof and to handle corrosive and hazardous materials.
    • Control Valves: Regulate the flow and pressure of the media being sampled, ensuring accurate and representative sampling.
  2. Containers and Collection Devices:
    • Sample Bottles and Vials: Used to collect and store the sample for analysis. These containers must be compatible with the media and ensure no contamination.
    • Safety Cabinets: Provide a safe environment for handling and storing samples, especially those that are hazardous.
  3. Piping and Tubing:
    • Connects the sampling points to the collection containers, ensuring a smooth and controlled flow of the media being sampled.
  4. Instrumentation:
    • Pressure and Temperature Sensors: Monitor the conditions under which the sample is taken, ensuring it is representative of the process.
    • Flow Meters: Measure the flow rate of the media being sampled to ensure consistency and accuracy.

Functions of Sampling Systems:

  • Quality Control: By obtaining accurate samples, industries can ensure that their products meet required specifications and quality standards.
  • Safety Monitoring: Regular sampling helps in detecting any deviations or potential hazards in the process, enabling timely intervention.
  • Compliance: Ensures that the processes adhere to regulatory standards and environmental guidelines by providing verifiable samples.
  • Process Optimisation: Sampling provides data that can be used to optimise and improve the efficiency of industrial processes.

Unique Safety Measures for Fugitive Emissions

SwissFluid stands out as the only manufacturer to include mitigation measures for fugitive emissions in their sampling systems. Fugitive emissions, which are leaks or releases of gases or vapours from pressurised equipment, can pose significant environmental and safety hazards. SwissFluid’s advanced designs incorporate robust sealing technologies and monitoring features to prevent these emissions, ensuring the highest standards of environmental protection and operational safety.

Five Steps in Optimising a Safe Sampling Process

SwissFluid's sampling systems are designed to ensure the highest levels of safety and efficiency. Here are five key aspects that set SwissFluid apart:

  1. Fugitive Emission Bonnet Compliance (FEB):
    • SwissFluid’s maintenance-free stuffing box and bellows seals provide additional security for the valve stem design, suitable for the most demanding applications.
  2. Flanged or Wafer Pattern Installation:
    • The Inline Sampling Valve (SIV) is available in a wide range of materials and designed to guarantee safe performance even under extreme pressure and temperature.
  3. Horizontal or Vertical Installation:
    • SwissFluid's design allows easy adaptation to pipelines in any given position. The Quick Clamp System complements the design with ease of installation and operational use.
  4. Containment Cabinets:
    • Closed systems offer better protection to both the operator and the product. Materials offered include Stainless Steel 316L and Polypropylene.
  5. Safety Handles:
    • Ensuring safe operational use of the sampling valve with options such as Deadman's Lever, Handwheel, and Linear Stroke Actuator.

Ensuring customer satisfaction with all aspects of the sampling process is at the forefront of what we do. Often, poor sampling systems with "dead spaces" or inadequate designs result in long-term maintenance costs after significant investments have been made to install the system. SwissFluid's design addresses these issues effectively.

Commitment to Client Needs

At IPS Flow Systems, we are committed to meeting the unique requirements of our clients by offering solutions that not only meet technical specifications but also prioritise safety and operational efficiency. Our expertise in valve technology and our dedication to customer support ensure that you receive the best possible solutions for your specific needs.

Superior Customer Service

We pride ourselves on delivering the absolute best service to our customers. This includes offering next day delivery to ensure that your operations are never delayed. Additionally, we provide complimentary site visits to offer personalised consultation and support. Our goal is to ensure that our customers receive top-notch service and the most effective solutions for their needs.

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