About us

IPS Flow Systems is a customer-led company with a single vision. To be the Number 1 Partner for our Customers, our Suppliers and our People. The company is fully compliant with the latest quality standards and is committed to minimising the impact of our business on the environment.

Managing Stock

Operating from a purpose built warehouse in the North East of England, we keep extensive stocks of a wide range of plastic piping systems, which are delivered throughout the UK by overnight carriers or on our own transport. You will only receive consignments from our warehouse, never from third parties. If we don’t have what you want from stock, we will give you an accurate delivery date.

How we Work

We believe that IPS provides the best possible service to our customers - delivering the greatest value in our industry. Our goal is to be the number one partner for our customers, our suppliers and our people.

Meet Our Team

IPS have been at the forefront of our industry for more than twenty years and have developed a reputation for quality in all aspects of our business.

The products we supply are supplied by some of the worlds leading manufacturers and comply to many UK, European and International standards. Only high quality materials are used in production, and all our partners operate ISO 9001 quality systems.

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Latest News

  • N is for ......... NRV

    N is for ......... NRV

    Non Return Valves (for drainage)  IPS are the exclusive UK & Ireland partner for KESSEL AG, a German company that have been supplying into the flood mitigation sector for 45+ years, with the Staufix Inline NRV as early as 1970, to...
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  • BIN the WIPE

    BIN the WIPE

      The weird & Wonderful items that get flushed down our sewers.  Water Comapnies have found some of the strangest items in their sewers over the years. While the flushing of wipes remains water company’s biggest problem, as...
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  • STOP the BLOCK

    STOP the BLOCK

    Food Service Establishments (FSE's) can be fined for disposing  fats oils and grease (FOGs) into the sewer system, if it is deemed to have caused a blockage either to their property or others.  If the FOGs then make their way to a water...
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      IPS recently supplied Agru PE100 sheet for a sulphuric acid kiosk on a job for one of our customers.   This was a contract for a water company for a chemical dosing kiosk for sulphuric acid. The bund is lined with the sheet then the...
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  • M is for.......... Mist

    M is for.......... Mist

      Mist | PrevSys™ water mist systems are a comprehensive system solution with an emphasis on quality, efficiency, simplicity and sustainability. These unique benefits apply to those who design, install and, not least, for those who...
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